Why History of Architecture?

Today’s topics:

  • Why is it important?
  • My experience through Virginia Tech
  • What history of architecture could mean for you

The history of architecture is only a required course for architecture students, but it’s importance goes way beyond the classroom.

Why is it Important?

Learning the history of architecture is essential to understanding our built environment and how it was conceived.

When learning about this, it doesn’t just start 100 years ago in the 1900’s. It starts around 10,000 BCE.

This was back before there were so called “architects”.

Progressing through the timeline of architecture and design you can see more clearly how over time we have developed our understanding of the built environment and how it has transformed our world today.

Having this general knowledge will not only expose you to the concepts and ideas of the past, but it can also aid in your individual development through implementing, critiquing, and editing work from the past to see it in a new light.

My Experience Through Virginia Tech

When I first started taking histories of architecture, I was confused because we did not always directly talk about architecture.

Why is that? It is because architecture is not just about putting up four walls and a door.

It is about how groups of people came together over time to form civilizations and the process in which it has been accomplished through the built environment.

The class was structured in a way that put more emphasis on the way that we take notes. It was not just normal pen and lined paper. It was 3 writing utensils and blank paper.

Doing this allowed us to work on the way that we visually present notes by making diagrams and drawings pictures to give meaning to the words that we write on the page.

Something that I have been very curious about since starting school was the concept of turning design into a finished product through construction.

This course has engaged me in how ancient architecture was conceived and constructed by moving large stones hundreds of miles to construction sites.

Throughout the course I developed a better understanding of the formation of different civilizations throughout history.

What History of Architecture Could Mean For You

Other majors are not required to learn about the history of architecture and it leaves those students at a disadvantage.

History is one of the best ways to learn because you can study the past with the mistakes that were made and the accomplishments that they have achieved and learn from them.

Courses like this will change the way you think through your design, challenge the way you see the world, and provide you a basis for creating context within your projects.

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As always, Dream Big!

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Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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