Architecture Software Course Coming Soon!

Today’s Topics:

  • Where Did This Idea Come From?
  • What Will This Course Be?
  • What Is To Come?

Where Did This Idea Come From?

Over the past few years, I have become very passionate about architecture. I started out from just taking art classes and have moved into making computer and physical models.

I really enjoyed getting to learn how a few simple shapes could transform into an amazing building.

I also know that I was lucky to have that program at my school. Not all schools have the resources available to have a class specifically for architecture.

Now that I am a college student, I have seen first hand that there are very few students that know software coming in. In architecture school, we do not have classes that teach software, so we practically have to figure it out on our own.

What Will This Course Be?

I am proud to announce that I will be starting a Google SketchUp course!

If you have not heard of this, Google SketchUp is 3-D modeling software using the “XYZ” coordinate system.

This is actually the first software that I learned. I am choosing to teach this first compared to other software because I believe it has a very user friendly interface while at the same time is relatable to all other software that students might learn.

The first time learning software can be challenging because it is something new. It looks completely different than anything you have ever seen before in school.

Having been in that position a few years ago, I understand the struggle finding where to get help and I am here to help.

What Is To Come?

Google SketchUp is not the only software that students use. Part of preparing for a professional career in architecture is about having versatility in your skills and abilities.

It is important to know have a variety of software knowledge because not all architecture firms use the same software.

Some like to use Google SketchUp, others like to use Revit, then there are even some that like to use Rhinoceros.

Over time I will develop courses teaching the essentials to learning these softwares and then even more to help with presentations and boards from the Adobe Suites.

More details regarding my course will be available soon, so make sure you’re checking in on my webpage for announcements!

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post! As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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