Timeline of an Architecture School Project

Today’s Topics:

  • Concept Design
  • Model-Making
  • Post Production

Concept Design

All designs start off with a concept or idea. Something that helps kickstart the project off as a sense of direction.

It is about honing in on what different design ideas are possible and narrowing it down until you find the one that fits the project brief.

This can be done through making simple floor plan sketches that just combine shapes together, or by making a more complex perspective or orthographic drawing.

All of these things can vary depending on the size, scale, and complexity involved in your project.


The next step in designing a project is model making.

After you have your concept ideas prepared now it is time to see it in action by making a model.

It is always good to have the flexibility and the knowledge to be able to make a model using 3-D software, and then making it by hand.

This does a great job of simulating the whole process From designing the building as an architect to getting to understand how all of the pieces come together as a construction project.

The more attention and detail that you put into your project the longer it will take you. A general timeline for the projects that I have done has been 3 weeks. It is all about time management and learning how to use it effectively.


After completing the design process of a project it never ends there. The next step of the process is getting it ready for presentation.

This can be one of the most essential parts of the project. Under Covid-19 the way that we present projects has changed and we rely mainly on images that we capture of the project.

For a physical model I allocate time to setting up a backdrop and lighting so that I can capture the whole project as a portrait.

Then for computer models, it can take longer depending on the requirements of the project. Sometimes you are required to have plans, sections, elevations, perspectives, and many more.

So planning out time to get these in order can be very essential for the overall completion of a project.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment about your favorite part of the design process! As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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