Winding Down The Semester

Today’s Topics:

  • Thoughts on This Semester
  • What is Left for This Semester
  • What is Going to Happen Next Semester

Thoughts On This Semester

Being in school online has a much different feeling than being in person.

At times it just seems like an endless cycle. Wake up, do school work, go to sleep. Wake up, do school work, go to sleep.

I have been doing it very well, it has just been very repetitive especially since all of my classes are on a video call where I sit in the same place everyday.

Outside of that, I have really enjoyed what I have gotten to learn this semester.

Within my studio class, one of the main ideas were about structure and realism. I spent a great deal of time engaging what structure means to a building, and how to accomplish a structure that would be viable for a real life situation.

Outside of studio, I spent a great deal of time in zoom meetings with Seth Tucker, one of few people who share the same level of interest in architecture as me, and we talked about projects and learned together.

What is Left for This Semester

As the semester comes to a close, there is going to be one last big final push of work in which some are projects, some are assignments, and some are final exams.

This week is thanksgiving break so I will not be having any classes. So instead, I will be working hard this week preparing for the week ahead.

In studio I have to make 3 presentation boards, 1 for each project that we did, to sum up all of the work that we did.

This is what I’m looking forward to doing most because I get to fix up and compile all of the best work that I have done throughout the semester in a way that illustrates the project and design intention.

What is Going to Happen Next Semester

For this spring semester, as much as I would love to be back on campus, I am going to be staying home again.

School is going to be following the same restrictions as the current semester regarding Covid-19 which would mean I could only have at most 2 hybrid classes (Online/in-person).

This next semester I want to start working and learning more about digital fabrication. I have always been intrigued by the capabilities of technology, and I want to embrace it as much as possible.

Even with this current semester I expanded on my knowledge of digital design by completing each project in a different software.

I am looking forward to the coming years of what I will be learning in architecture school.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it! If you’ve read down this far, I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow! Thanks for all of the support you guys have been giving me! As always, Dream Big!

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Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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