Climate Change and Sustainability

Today’s Topics:

  • Designing In Various Regions
  • Sustainability
  • Net-Zero Energy

Designing in Various Regions

One of the first things I ever learned about architecture was in 3rd grade. We took a trip to the National Building Museum and we learned about buildings in different climates.

If you have ever traveled to any of the southern states, or have been to the northern states, you will notice a variety of differences between the buildings.

In hotter climates, you have to design differently aiming for more protection from the sun, and better cooling systems so that building temperatures are better controlled.

In colder climates, design will change because you now want to keep the heat in because of the colder outdoor temperatures.

Temperature is not the only thing that changes the way a building can be designed. It can be anything from how much is rains per year, if your building is in the mountains, or by the beach, the type of soil you are on, and even if you’re design on a seismic zone.


Ever since I started learning about architecture in high school, I knew that sustainability would be an important topic in my career.

The Earth is changing, we are running out of natural resources, sea levels are rising, and the Earth is getting hotter year by year.

One of the main contributors to these problems is the way that buildings have been designed and used.

As a society we have started to notice how close we are to losing our leverage and we have to start finding solutions now.

In architecture, one of the most increasingly necessary attributes for a new architect will be the need to know about is sustainability.

Throughout my college experience, I have already started to learn more about the various things affecting climate change and in the future, I plan to start designing with these concepts in mind.

Net-Zero Energy

Along with sustainability, one of the next best things is a Net-Zero Energy building.

Something that can seem impossible is starting to be a common theme among the best of new buildings.

This does not mean that the building does not use any energy at all, but that it creates just as much as it uses on a yearly basis.

Although this can be a more expensive process when you have to design with better insulation, and better energy efficiency, it also takes away the energy bill and provides a carbon-free building.

Turned Place VT

Alongside sustainability, this has been a topic that has become more important over time in the building process.

Being able to express an understanding in these topics can be shown by getting a LEED AP certification where your building can then be given certification as well.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave any questions or anything in the comment section. Have a great holiday!

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