What Does It Mean To Be Me?

Most times when I meet people, it is through one aspect of my life. Often times they find that I’m pretty talented at whatever I’m doing in that moment. What most people don’t know is how deep that list of talents run.

By the end of this article you may wonder, how does he do it all?

My answer to you is that it’s just part of how I grew up. Do something all the way or don’t do it at all. The biggest part is time management. I know what I want and that I have to run an extremely tight schedule to pursue everything that I do.

Today’s Topics:

  • Where do I Start?
  • Architecture School and Experiences
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Soccer Coach and Surgery Recovery
  • The Last Bit

Where Do I Start?

I think when asked about this question, my mind can start to jog back to as soon as highschool thinking of all that I’ve accomplished since then. More importantly I want to discuss my college career with you, especially during COVID-19.

It really all started with an injury. Back in the summer time, I tore my Achilles and had to get surgery. I was supposed to partake in a summer internship at Whiting Turner, but between my injury and COVID-19, I couldn’t work in the office, and I couldn’t work in the field. So I had to figure out what was next.

That’s where this website comes in as I’m trying to make myself more marketable by having record of my work and everything that I’m doing.

Architecture School and Experiences

To start off with, as many of you have heard, I have won the 3rd place award for the Virginia Tech Second-year Architecture Competition. Thank you all for the congratulations.

3rd Place
Second-year architecture competition, Virginia Tech

Leading up to being one of few winners in this competition, my growth has been exponential since the start of the school year.

I’ve learned about construction, I’ve learned about spatial arrangements, I’ve learned about materials, board compositions, and most importantly, conceptual thinking.

Conceptual thinking has turned into the main driver of my everyday thinking in architecture. I find myself pondering the world asking why this, why that, and trying to put things together narrating a story about their connection.

Extracurricular Activities

One of the most important pieces to how I’ve gotten so much experience and knowledge of architecture is due to the amount of work I participate in outside of just the regular class times.

Currently I actively participate in about 5 different organizations/groups.

For The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students, I am the Vice President and we are gearing up to enter the next competition.

With Design For America, This past semester I’ve been able to work on the Troop 158 outbuilding project. I’ve also been asked to join a leadership position.

The Seismic Design Team, we are in the middle of our competition entry and workload is going to pick up as move to the architectural part of it.

As a College of Architecture and Urban Studies student ambassador, I have been working with student recruitment.

This semester I’ve been starting work with Think Design. We are doing interviews and writing short weekly articles about minority designers.

When I was at school physically, I also did a lot of work with the FutureHaus project, but this next school year I still have the opportunity to go down for the world expo.

Soccer Coach and Surgery Recovery

After my surgery, I couldn’t play soccer as the recovery time would normally be about a year. Every time I went out to a field it hurt to see other people and not be able to go play.

This is when I turned to coaching to get back into the game. I am the head coach a U15 travel soccer team.

Throughout the fall season we played in 3 tournaments where we received 2nd place in two of the tournaments, and 1st place the other.

Not only that, but since I’ve been at home I went back to help coach my high school team. For both my junior and senior year I was the captain for the team.

After establishing myself as a coach I started to gain interest to be a personal trainer for a couple of soccer players.

Alongside all of this, I had been attending physical therapy twice per week. Instead of having a whole year for recovery, I was able to ease my way back into soccer after about 6 months to full recovery after only 9 months.

Combining all of those, I spent about 20 hours per week on soccer alone, during the semester

The Last Bit

Outside of everything that you’ve read so far, I still play the violin occasionally when I have time (I was in my highschool’s string quartet).

I’ve had time to go and shovel snow from driveways for a couple of families.

Both of these past semesters, I’ve taken an extra course in school so I can learn the most while I’m here.

I’m sure there is maybe a thing or two missing that I forgot about, but welcome to my life. I am passionate about each and every activity I do and I’m glad that I’m able to do so much. Writing it all out like this makes me wonder how I do it all too, but truly, it is a matter of having great time management skills.

I know this has been one of the longer so thanks if you have read down this far. I hope you enjoyed it and learned something new about me. Leave a comment if something surprised you! As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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