How Difficult is Taking Extra Classes?

Today’s Topics

  • How Many Courses Am I Taking?
  • What Does a Weekend Look Like?
  • How Difficult is it?

How Many Courses Am I Taking?

This semester I have signed up for 20 credit hours. At Virginia Tech in order to take an extra class you have to submit for a course overload request.

If I was only taking classes and doing nothing else outside of that, I would say it isn’t so bad.

I can’t say that because there has been so much more that I have been doing additionally. I thought I was doing a lot of things last semester, but this time around I have never had a more busy schedule.

Many of you already know that I am coaching a soccer team, something that requires a lot of time and attention, but what more I’ve had to add on this semester is architecture competitions and making portfolios.

What Does A Weekend Look Like?

This semester my weekends have changed much more than I could ever imagine.

Especially during COVID-19, my Wednesday also feels like my Saturday. I have been doing non stop school work since the semester started.

I’ve had 2 architecture competitions that have each taken me into full schedule weekends. This past week I’ve been working on my portfolio taking up all the extra time I had. On top of that, my building structures class homework assignment took me the full weekend to complete.

It is truly a challenge like no other, I rarely have time to complete any work ahead of time anymore and usually is done the night before the class.

How Difficult is it?

This semester I’ve definitely had to manage my time even better than I previously have. I’ve also had to learn to make some sacrifices to do other things.

I have a role in about 8 different organizations and sometimes my roles have overlapping times with each other, and sometimes even with my classes.

It gets to the point where I spend about 5 minutes to eat lunch before my next meeting.

On a scale of 1-10 on difficulty, this semester is definitely a 10. I can’t imagine my schedule being this difficult since I won’t be coaching a soccer team as I’m going back to campus next semester.

What is taking me through all of this is my passion and desire to be better at everything I do. Not a day goes by without thinking about architecture.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you’ve enjoyed. Leave a comment if you can relate to having a busy schedule. As always, Dream Big!

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Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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