Favorite Part About Designing

Today’s Topics:

  • Questioning My Own Skills
  • Favorite Part
  • Hardest Part

Questioning My Own Skills

Since I’ve become interested and started taking classes to learn about architecture, I developed strong skills. I’ve been able to take visits to architecture firms and even work in two to learn about how they work and operate in the field.

Having worked on over 50 projects, every time I go to start a new one I always ask myself, am I even capable of doing this?

Do I even know architecture at all? How am I supposed to get started?

Going through this is one of the rough stages because it can make me doubt my abilities to do great work.

Everything I have done has always been a step up from the previous project so I pressure myself with that to continue learning and outdoing myself.

Favorite Part

There are so many aspects of design that I like that I’ve explored them in so many different ways.

To go and pick one is when I see my project start coming together looking really nice. Where I can see all of the hard work that I put into the conceptual idea of the space and through the detail of the model with the construction process and choice of material.

It is something tangible that I can hang on my wall and say “I did this!”

I love to express myself to others whether it is through this blog, my website overall, and any way that is possible.

Having hung up my work in my room, to get visitors come over and ask “where did you get those pictures from, they look professional?” Is the best part of what I do because it affirms that I have been progressing at a rate where my work is nearing a professional level.

Hardest Part

I do have my favorite part, but to get there I have to go through the hardest challenge in every design. Conceptual Thinking.

Up until this school year, I had no idea what conceptual architecture was at all. In a way, I just went out and made projects that looked good and made sense spatially.

That worked and I got an A in studio, but that is because my professor has not really taught us about concept. We focus on structure and I have done really well expressing details and thought about the construction process in my buildings.

With online school one of the biggest things I have missed out on are peer reviews. I have found my own way of doing that which has allowed me to explore concept as taught in another studio.

It is hard in the sense that my professor does not really push the conceptual side of the design. I am stuck in limbo trying to balance my focus on structure and concept within the same amount of timeframe.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you have learned something. If you have any questions or comments leave them down in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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