Staying Productive

Today’s Topics:

  • ARE Prep
  • Working on skills
  • Summer organizations

ARE Prep

One of the essential things to becoming an architect is passing the ARE exams. This is one of the most challenging stages and can take years to complete all of the exams to be a licensed architect.

Without having any assignments due for class or projects to turn in, I can turn my attention to getting a head start on learning this information.

A professor from my school, Michael Ermann has an exam preparation guide called The Amber Book and it has been very intuitive in the way it works to help me learn.

I have already learned so much and I’ve only just started. I’m looking forward to see all that I do learn this summer

Working On Skills

One of the best ways to get better at something is practice.

I have not been fully able to embrace working on my skills as of yet, but slowly but surely I’m doing sketches, making cutouts, and much more.

Something to focus on this week is doing wall sections or details and just practicing them so that I can familiarize myself more with that process.

Summer Organizations

I have already started to be productive in preparing for next school year.

With DFA, we have been working towards picking projects to work on throughout the year and making action plans for that.

Then I have also been able to send out emails for CAUSfest. It is starting to gain good traction and is getting more people as students and faculty members on bird with this idea again.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it. Leave a comment about what you would like to hear more about. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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