Summer Internship Day 1

Today’s Topics:

  • How I Got Here
  • Why Quinn Evans?
  • Goals and Aspirations

How I got Here

What did I do to get here? Well, this story dates all the way back to high school. My first involvement with architecture. I found a passion for the work I was able to do, and I pursued every opportunity that I could.

This time a year ago I had lost my internship to the pandemic, alongside having surgery after rupturing my Achilles.

Instead of stopping there, that change of events lead me to push even further. I took that time to create my website, work on my design skills, start coaching a soccer team, become a leader within multiple organization, among many other things.

During the school year being able to work on architecture projects, I have developed my skills exponentially.

Each successive project becoming much stronger than the last as my understanding of architecture developed. In turn this level of commitment has rewarded me with the 3rd place award in the 2nd year architecture competition.

Why Quinn Evans?

Originally I was still planning to do a construction internship this summer. Looking at what all I have learned throughout the school year, I realized that my skills would be best used and of value in an architecture firm.

Upon looking at various firms, Quinn Evans was a place that really stood out to me. I really enjoyed their passions and what their design is centered upon for each project.

I really enjoy projects that work on forming or bringing together a community whether it is through schools, community spaces, or living spaces.

Going through the interview process, I really enjoyed listening and hearing about the passion of what it is like working there, and the community that is formed in the workplace by itself.

I was and still am very confident and excited about having a great internship experience this summer.

Goals and Aspirations

The first goal for this summer was to have an internship to begin with. Having gotten past that part, looking towards what I want to accomplish is just as essential.

I know that internships are a two way street. Ultimately, I want to be in a position where I can apply what I know to have value as an intern, while also learning new things that will help me excel as an intern.

I am also looking forward to the experience of working in a larger architecture firm as in the past I have been able to work at smaller firms.

I have a variety of other goals and things I want to accomplish as well, as my journey continues there may be some things I am not allowed to share, and some things that I can.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post! I hope you really enjoyed it and I look forward to hearing any questions or comments that you may have. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

2 thoughts on “Summer Internship Day 1

  1. So exciting Alonzo! Question for you: In IT the big well known tech companies are Mircosoft, Apple, Google and Amazon Web Services. What are the big well-known architecture companies? When someone says architecture, what companies should come to mind first?

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