Traveling in my Virtual Internship

Today’s Topics:

  • How is This Set up?
  • Site Visits
  • New Connections

How is This Set up?

Prior to attaining this internship, one of the questions I always struggled with was how could I have an experience of working outside of Maryland.

Most times that means I have to move out and find a place to stay, but this very unique situation that we are in with covid has changed things around making it a little easier.

At Quinn Evans, I have had quite the experience because the firm has multiple locations. I live closest to the Baltimore office, but I have been working for the Richmond, Virginia office.

My internship has been primarily virtual allowing me to stay at home and work for the Richmond office.

Site Visits

One of the best experiences has been getting to go on site visits. The first couple of visits started with the Baltimore office where I was able to head to the office for the day and get to go out on site visits.

Then the last set of visits came when I was able to get down to Richmond. I made the trip down twice and this has been my first time actually visiting the city.

I was able to stay with a friend from school overnight. This gave us time to tour around the city and I was amazed by how historic the city is.

Then with the office, over the course of the two trips I took, I was able to go on 4 site visits which all were amazing. Seeing projects on a computer screen compared to seeing them in real life is a very eye opening experience.

New Connections

Not only was I able to attend site visits, but I was able to meet the team of people that I’ve been working with in person.

At school almost everything I did was virtual this past year, so getting down to Richmond and seeing the people that I’ve been working with was very enjoyable. Everyone was very welcoming and excited that I was able to come visit the office and had many things to show me.

I had in person team meetings for the project I was working on where we were able to pin up the work that we have been doing and refine various ideas. It has truly been quite some time since I’ve gotten to pin any of my work on the walls.

This has been an experience that I don’t think I would ever get as unique as it has been, if it was not for the pandemic. The various opportunities I’ve had this summer and the way in which it has unfolded has been very nice.

This summer has flown by extremely fast and I can’t believe I’m on my last two weeks before I head back to school. I can remember my first day like it was yesterday, and now it’s been two months since then.

I’m looking to close out the remaining time I have as impactful as possible.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or anything else, leave them in the comments below. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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