Back To Campus Since Over A Year

Today’s Topics:

  • The Start
  • The Drive
  • Moving In

The Start

We ran into a close call in the morning, as we needed to rent a truck to carry couches, my bed, and desks.

We chose to go with a Home Depot truck and to start off, we wanted to leave as early as possible. Which in a typical day the rental could start at about 7am. Well on Sundays, Home Depot does not open until 8am.

We got there and on their website it said they had two trucks. There were two trucks outside so everything should have gone smoothly right? Nope.

They could not find the keys so the trucks were “out of service”. So with that, we had lost about 30 minutes and we still had no truck.

Now looking at all the other Home Depot locations, we were so fortunate as literally every store except for one had no trucks available. so we tracked down to Ellicott City and we’re able to rent the truck.

We got back home and packed everything up and left by 9:45am.

The Drive

This summer has really gone by fast. I finished my internship this past Friday, and I can still remember the first day like it was yesterday. I had a really great experience and got to go on some amazing site visits alongside meeting architects across offices.

As my internship ended, for the first time since Covid started, I traveled down to Blacksburg. This was also the first time I’ve had to drive the full distance by myself. It was not half bad.

It felt like we got into Virginia much faster than it seemed we had, but the journey through Virginia felt like forever.

My knees were uncomfortable due to the constant having to push on the pedal and then switch to the break. I tried cruise control but that only worked so long. I then tried trailing back a little further but I would start to lose sight of the cars I was following. I could not win.

Towards the 3/4th mark of the trip I started to get drowsy and my eyes started going on autopilot. Once we got to the last hour I was fully awake in anticipation of being back in Blacksburg.

Moving In

Once we got to my apartment, the next step was unloading everything. The worst part is that we live on the 3rd floor with no elevator. In the long run I could care less, it just makes moving things more difficult.

So these stairs go up in a U shape meaning there is a tight corner going around the landing. This is where standardized dimensions have been really handy. The stairwell is 3 feet wide, the door is a 3 foot opening, and the corridor spaces in my apartment are that width as well.

We had to twist and turn things to get over the railings so I’m glad I was able to have some help. It would have been extremely difficult even if it was only two people , but we had four.

At last, everything has been moved in, I said my goodbyes to my parents, and now I’ve got to finish unpacking everything.

I’ve got a week to semi-relax before school starts and everything gets busy again. I’ve tentatively switched to blogging every other week, so I can have more time. I will keep you updated on how that’s going.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, leave any comments about your moving in experiences and any tips or tricks you have for the future. Thanks for tuning into this weeks blog post. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

One thought on “Back To Campus Since Over A Year

  1. So I guess you can imagine now how the drive is from Maryland to Georgia! 😀 Glad you had lots of help! Have a great year!!

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