The Good and the Great of This Semester so far

Today’s Topics:

  • Why I Haven’t Posted in a While
  • My Initial Thoughts
  • Appreciation and Growth

Why I Haven’t Posted in a While

The last time I made a post to my blog was after my first pin-up this semester. Things were going well and I was progressing as I felt I should.

Then things started to really pick up and get challenging. We were given about 8 deliverables to do for our project and about 2 or 3 weeks to do them all, alongside continuing to design our project.

With my work, I thought I generally had good ideas, but the way they were being represented was not as strong as they could be. The way in which the program worked was almost being limited by the geometry I was creating.

So I restarted the project and took some of the ideas I initially had and started creating new things.

The concept of the new project is the display of work. I want to start bringing an interdisciplinary connection through the way the building interacts with the site and campus.

With all of the work to be done, I told myself that if I was going to the project to the best of my ability, I have to dedicate as much time as possible to do it.

My Initial Thoughts

The single thing I struggled to grasp most was the idea of how my work was being critiqued, and how much time I had to make all these changes.

I always invite critique of my work because I know that it always has room to be better. When these critiques would happen, I sometimes would get upset. Sometimes it would be because I had put so much work into my original idea, or sometimes it would be because I don’t have enough time before the next pin up.

Everyday I would spend hours and hours working. If I wasn’t doing work for other classes, I would be working on this project. Almost always staying up until 2 in the morning.

The way the studio has operated this semester has just seemed like an unreasonable amount of work to do in the timeframe that we were given.

Appreciation and Growth

As this semester is coming to its conclusion with final work being put together, I’ve started to gain an appreciation for everything I went through.

In doing all of this work, I developed my project in ways that I’ve never done before. I have opened my mind up to be able to iterate and generate new ideas, and I’ve also discovered a new capacity to continue my work ethic day in and day out.

I appreciate my Professor for not budging every time we would complain about how much work there is. I am glad that we were continuously pushed to do more work throughout every phase of this project.

The things that I have learned this semester alone have started to open my eyes and understand more about myself as a designer and the things I could do.

Going into the last weeks of the semester, I’ve got some big things in my schedule with applications for 4th year study abroad’s, the 3rd year competition, and the final of my studio project.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions or anything let me know in the comment section. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

6 thoughts on “The Good and the Great of This Semester so far

  1. You are a winner and you can do anything you put your mind to. You are a winner, and you CAN do it! You are

  2. Wow, those are some great drafts. I know nothing about drafting, but my appreciation for mechanical pencils has me admiring that pic with the lead holder (is that a Staedtler?).

    Anyway, awesome share and pics. Thanks for this post!

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