Semester Studio Project

Today’s Topics:

  • Iterations
  • Final Work
  • Final Pin-Up


It has become apparent that I only shared the first part of my architecture studio project with you.

Overall with this project, it has gone through 4 major iterations that have drastically changed how I portray my ideas and how I represent them.

I have developed my skills in a variety of modes from digital models, physical models, to hand drafting.

I encourage you to look back at my first post about this project which can be found towards the beginning of the semester. This semester, I’ve embraced the idea of making mistakes faster, so I can learn from them to make my project better.

Final Work

I’ve focused my design to be about the display of work and the journey in which you move through the operation of an architecture school.

Entering the building you are greeted by the display of work through the lobby on the top floor with a connection to the auditorium. The following space hosts creation labs where fabrication and testing occur. With a large volume of space comes the studio space as a place where students spend the majority of their time. To finish the journey is the library space, the place where projects start.

These 4 program spaces create a linear circulation allowing you to see the studio space from every point of the building. Separating these spaces through light and sound, there are thin corridors that allow you to escape the building into exterior spaces that relate to the intersection of programs.

Along the exterior, the building gives a division of public and private space where on one side, steps lead you into the studio with the ability to serve as amphitheater space. A display space extends the lobby out to the public realm. The private side of the building extends the classroom outside as a way to create experiential learning spaces.

Final Pin-Up

During our last pin-up for the semester we had the chance to present our updated final work for the project with 2 guest reviewers.

We all sat together as a class and each student was given about 15 minutes. Half the time for presentation, and the other half for critique.

I received both compliments alongside very valuable feedback into the way I represent my work, portray my ideas, and how they might work functionally.

Overall I am proud of the journey I’ve been through to reach this point in my work. I have spent long hours day and night, during weekends, during thanksgiving break, and everywhere in between to work on this project.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you’ve been enjoying your holiday break. If you have any questions or critiques, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

One thought on “Semester Studio Project

  1. Awesome! You’ve grown so much and bravo for learning to accept and learn from your mistakes. Continue to have a willingness to learn and be teachable. Job well done!

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