End Of A Busy Semester

Today’s Topics:

  • What Have I Been Up To Since I last Posted?
  • Finishing Up The Last Few Assignments
  • What’s Next

What Have I Been Up To Since I Last Posted?

It has been over a month since my last post as I have been spending every ounce of time working on my studio project. It has changed quite a bit since you may have last seen it.

A large problem with the original project was that the idea was not very cohesive and that it was not doing a good job relating to the human interaction of the space. I was designing everything in a way that focused completely on technology and productivity.

Then I started to shift to where the project starts to create a relationship between productivity and relaxation in the urban context of a city.

I had a 90% review for my project where I was able to develop the project significantly to see the vision of where it needs to be by time it is finished. For now I will show you the boards with all of the notes of things I need to change I need to make.

Finishing Up The Last Few Assignments

Closing out the semester I only had 1 final exam, but many final assignments. Environmental building systems was the exam and I did well enough to get the grade I wanted.

I still have an assignment due for my building assemblies class where I need to make an axon for my studio project. It will be nice as I will be able to use it for both my studio work and to finish the assignment.

I have been taking a writing and digital media class where I finished the final assignment earlier in the week. In a group we had to make a documentary about sustainability and in the every day choices that we make.

Lastly I have a due date for submitting my studio project this Wednesday, so I have a lot of work to do for that to happen.

What’s Next?

This studio project is a competition and the official due date is June 1st. So I will primarily be working on finishing that.

In the mean time I will be moving back home from Blacksburg, then up to Chicago for my internship this summer. A lot of things are happening in such a short period of time, but I am excited as I know I will have a great time.

With architecture being a 5 year program, and the 4th year used as a study abroad, this is a weird ending. This is likely the last time that I will see my friends outside of my major at VT, as they will have graduated by time I am back for my fifth year. Then overall, I won’t see a lot of my architecture friends until 5th year.

At the end of the day, I’m still excited for what all I will have experienced and learned over the next year as I will have an amazing time.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post. Leave comments on places I should visit while I’m in Chicago! As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

4 thoughts on “End Of A Busy Semester

  1. Have you checked out the IITCollege of Architecture in Chicago? I hear that it is one of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s greatest works. I think OMA has a student center there as well.

    1. Reginald, I did get a chance to visit both the architecture school at IIT and Mccormick Place. I really enjoyed getting to see both of these buildings as they are truly amazing.

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