On The Path To Licensure

Today’s Topics: Officially Started All 3 Parts To Becoming Licensed AXP Hours Finishing Education, And Studying For Exams Officially Started All 3 Parts To Becoming Licensed Just 2 years ago I was an outsider looking into the world of architecture in awe. I remember thinking to myself “wow I will learn and do so muchContinue reading “On The Path To Licensure”

Why is Site Analysis so Important?

Today’s Topics: Understanding The Space You Have To Work With The Context Of The Site Sun Patterns Understanding The Space You Have To Work With Have you ever started designing a building on a blank canvas? It can be fun and is a great way to express freedom and creativity. When you start to includeContinue reading “Why is Site Analysis so Important?”

Summer Internship Day 1

Today’s Topics: How I Got Here Why Quinn Evans? Goals and Aspirations How I got Here What did I do to get here? Well, this story dates all the way back to high school. My first involvement with architecture. I found a passion for the work I was able to do, and I pursued everyContinue reading “Summer Internship Day 1”

What Makes Architecture School So Hard?

Today’s Topics: Learning How to Design Spending Countless Hours Working You have to Know a Little Bit of Everything Learning How to Design When you look at the work of architecture students you may have good reviews or bad reviews about their work. One of the most challenging things to accomplish is learning how toContinue reading “What Makes Architecture School So Hard?”

Staying Productive

Today’s Topics: ARE Prep Working on skills Summer organizations ARE Prep One of the essential things to becoming an architect is passing the ARE exams. This is one of the most challenging stages and can take years to complete all of the exams to be a licensed architect. Without having any assignments due for classContinue reading “Staying Productive”

4 Weeks to Relax

Today’s Topics: Taking a Break Working on Skills Stress-Free Taking a Break Finally, I’ve started summer for good. It has been both a long and short semester. I can remember back to the first few days where I was just finishing up building my own desk and all the events in between. Now I canContinue reading “4 Weeks to Relax”

what is to Come This Summer?

Today’s Topics: Last Few Assignments Summer Planning With Organizations Summer Internship Last Few Assignments I’ve finally made it to the last week of school. I will be so relieved by the end of this week that I have finished the last parts of my classes. I still have an exam to do, a research paperContinue reading “what is to Come This Summer?”

Finals Week

Today’s Topics: The Last Push The Last Push Finals Vs. Final Project What Next? The Last Push I’ve finally made it down to the last week of school. This semester has felt both extremely long, and also has gone by extremely fast. By the end of this week I will have finished a full yearContinue reading “Finals Week”

Tensegrity Structure

Today’s Topics: What is Tensegrity? What am I Doing? Problem Solving What is Tensegrity? Tensegrity. A pretty uncommon word right? Don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was until a week into my research. Tensegrity is the idea that you can support 2 solid objects by only connecting them with string. It’s a daunting task,Continue reading “Tensegrity Structure”

Architecture is Not Just A Building

Today’s Topics: Basics What A Good Project Has What A Great Project Has Basics When most people think about architecture their mind goes straight to designing a building. As a core definition, yes that is what architecture is. If you are rushing in architecture school, you are doing a project last minute, that is probablyContinue reading “Architecture is Not Just A Building”