My Love-Hate Relationship With My Building Structures Course

Today’s Topics: Learning How to Construct a Building Making Mistakes There’s Another Semester Learning How to Construct a Building One of the first things that I have been interested since starting architecture school is learning how to design a building that would actually stand up. It is one thing to be making a 1/8 scaleContinue reading “My Love-Hate Relationship With My Building Structures Course”

Diversity and Inclusion in Architecture School

Today’s Topics: Diversity in the Student Body How our Classes are Structured Change is Coming This article is meant to be informative of how our current situation is. Then provide insight on initiatives that we are working on as a school. Diversity in the Student Body When you think about architecture, what type of personContinue reading “Diversity and Inclusion in Architecture School”

This Week in Architecture School 29 March, 2021

Today’s Topics: Architecture Studio Project Other Classes Extracurricular Activities Architecture Studio Project The biggest thing I’ve been working on this week is my studio project. It is a community center, and is at a scale that we have yet to achieve. 25,000 sq ft. I started off strong developing my concept, but after that IContinue reading “This Week in Architecture School 29 March, 2021”

Self-Teaching in Architecture School

Today’s Topics: How Much are Architecture Students Supposed to Learn on Their own? Passion and Desire What is Architecture School Supposed to Teach Students? How Much are Architecture Students Supposed to Learn on Their own? Going through architecture school I’ve come to the realization that if there is something that you are interested in, thenContinue reading “Self-Teaching in Architecture School”

Favorite Part About Designing

Today’s Topics: Questioning My Own Skills Favorite Part Hardest Part Questioning My Own Skills Since I’ve become interested and started taking classes to learn about architecture, I developed strong skills. I’ve been able to take visits to architecture firms and even work in two to learn about how they work and operate in the field.Continue reading “Favorite Part About Designing”

How Difficult is Taking Extra Classes?

Today’s Topics How Many Courses Am I Taking? What Does a Weekend Look Like? How Difficult is it? How Many Courses Am I Taking? This semester I have signed up for 20 credit hours. At Virginia Tech in order to take an extra class you have to submit for a course overload request. If IContinue reading “How Difficult is Taking Extra Classes?”

Career Fair Prep

Today’s Topics: Resume Portfolio Workshops and critiques Resume Preparing to apply for any job requires a major time investment in yourself. Especially in times when the job market is much thinner than normal. When an employer reads a resume, there is a lot that they can tell about you just from a one page document.Continue reading “Career Fair Prep”

What Does It Mean To Be Me?

Most times when I meet people, it is through one aspect of my life. Often times they find that I’m pretty talented at whatever I’m doing in that moment. What most people don’t know is how deep that list of talents run. By the end of this article you may wonder, how does he doContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Be Me?”

Behind The Desk

Today’s Topics: Where Did The Passion Start? Spending Countless Hours On A Project Architecture Competition Guidelines Where Did The Passion Start? Ever since I first started high school I wanted to take architecture classes, to only find out that juniors and seniors are the only ones able to. So I planned out my schedule soContinue reading “Behind The Desk”

What’s The Point of Architecture Competitions?

Today’s Topics: Why Do Them? 2nd Year Competition How do you win them? Why Do Them? There are a lot of architecture competitions that are open for a range of skill levels to participate in, and a range of scales. Since I’ve been in college I have been part of the Futurehaus project that hasContinue reading “What’s The Point of Architecture Competitions?”