Scale of Design

Today’s Topics: Small Scale Large Scale Quality of Space Small Scale One of the most interesting things about designing is the space that you have to occupy. In architecture school, 9 times out of 10, your first few projects will be starting on a small scale. This gives you time to discover certain aspects ofContinue reading “Scale of Design”

How Fast Can A Project be Finished?

Today’s Topics: Total Time, or Total Days? AIA Architecture Competition Total Time, or Total Days How long does it take to come up with a design idea? Well that part is easy, you can be thinking about it in your head. It gets hard when you have to put your intentions on paper. When workingContinue reading “How Fast Can A Project be Finished?”

Beginning Spring 2021 Semester

Today’s Topics: Schedule Mix-Ups Large Course Load What I’m looking Forward to Most Schedule Mix-Ups This semester is definitely one that is different from past semesters that I’ve had. The type of classes that I’m taking has started to change dramatically and I am really getting into the bulk of studying architecture. These courses areContinue reading “Beginning Spring 2021 Semester”

DIY Project Notes and Tips

Today’s Topics: Budget Tools Available Time Budget Have you ever tried doing a DIY project before? Well one thing you must know is that it all works best when you plan out what all you need to get. Sometimes overspending can occur because you buy way too much material, or maybe you don’t buy enoughContinue reading “DIY Project Notes and Tips”

Architecture 2021

Today’s Topics: School Internship Personal Projects School Happy new year’s to everyone! I wanted to start off this year by thinking about what all is planned to happen. Firstly and most important, is architecture school. I will be finishing up my second year of architecture and starting my third year. This past fall I setContinue reading “Architecture 2021”

What I Miss Most About in-Person School

Today’s Topics: Studio Culture Clubs and Organizations Will it Ever be the Same? Studio Culture When I was in high school going on college tours to architecture schools, one thing that was universal across all campuses was that they all had some sort of unique culture in which students learn. I am very glad thatContinue reading “What I Miss Most About in-Person School”

Climate Change and Sustainability

Today’s Topics: Designing In Various Regions Sustainability Net-Zero Energy Designing in Various Regions One of the first things I ever learned about architecture was in 3rd grade. We took a trip to the National Building Museum and we learned about buildings in different climates. If you have ever traveled to any of the southern states,Continue reading “Climate Change and Sustainability”

My Fall 2020 Semester Wrap-Up

Today’s Topics: Recap Projects What this semester has meant for me Recap At the start of 2020, everything was normal. Then it all changed when I went home for spring break. First it was just an extra week off of school, but then it turned into packing up my things and moving off campus dueContinue reading “My Fall 2020 Semester Wrap-Up”

Concrete As A Structural Material

Today’s Topics: Concrete Masonry Unit Concrete Concrete 3-D Printing Concrete Masonry Unit Concrete masonry is one of the most versatile materials used for construction projects. Many buildings around the world feature CMU as one of the main building materials. It is so common because it is a structural material. It comes in a variety ofContinue reading “Concrete As A Structural Material”

A Future In Digital Fabrication

Today’s Topics: What is Digital Fabrication? Additive Manufacturing My Interests in Digital Fabrication What is Digital Fabrication? In this ever changing world, one of the biggest innovations and improvements in the 21st century is the way that we use technology. In architecture, the field has been one of the slowest of industries to evolve intoContinue reading “A Future In Digital Fabrication”