Interested in learning more about architecture? Check out these software courses for students!

Google Sketchup

Google Sketchup is the best tool to start out learning how to 3D model in space. This will be a 5-week course taking you through the basics of maneuvering around all the way to designing a model of a house. After completing this course you will know all the necessary tools to start designing for your own projects.

Autodesk Revit

Coming Soon

Adobe Suite

Coming Soon

Rhinocerus 3D

Coming Soon

I am amazed at what you’re doing, I can’t wait to see the buildings you design!

— Brenda Scruggs

I am really proud of what you have been able to accomplish as just a freshman in college, keep up the good work!

— Rose Walker

Meet The Instructor

Hi I’m Alonzo Colon, an architecture student at Virginia Tech. I started learning about architecture and software as a junior in high school. This has led me to work at two firms as an intern during the summer months of high school, and has prepared me for success during college and for my future endeavors.

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