Custom Art

Would you like a Beautiful design of your house to hang on the wall?

Send in a picture of your house, and have your custom art made and delivered in 2 weeks. All orders come with free shipping, and a free picture frame.

Pencil Sketch – $100 – 8 x 10 in

Pencil sketches capture the art of blending and shading as can be seen through the creation of shadows, depth and texture through

Water Color – $200 – 11 x 14 in

Watercolor uses a perfect combination of colors to illuminate features that you never saw before while providing its own accent through the stroke of a brush.

Pen Drawing – $100 – 8 x 10 in

Pen drawings capture the art of texture in design, providing a clean aesthetic and delicate color mixture of only white and black.

I am very impressed with how my painting came out! It looks just like my house!

Maria C.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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