Google Sketchup

Google SketchUp is the perfect software to start with.

It is very user-friendly, it gives you the ability to explore your own concepts, and it is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

There Are 5 Lessons

Lesson 1: Tools

Learn how to navigate around Google SketchUp with the various shape tools, movement options, and shortcuts buttons.

Lesson 3: Interiors

Learn how to make simple objects that can be used to give your model more of a visual interior space.

Lesson 5: Creating A Full Model

Create a full model of a house starting with the floor plans and extracting all of the surfaces into 3D elements.

Lesson 2: Common Dimensions

Learn how to make the key components that are used to design a house like doors, windows, and walls.

Lesson 4: Designing A Room

Put the previous lessons into action by designing a room that is built from the floor all the way to the roof.

What You Will Need

A Laptop

You should have access to a computer that has atleast 4GB of RAM, and atleast 1GB of free storage

A Computer Mouse

Having a computer mouse will save you time when completing your projects. It allows you to maneuver around your project in a manner that a touch pad simply can’t.

A Second Screen

Having a second screen is helpful to fully engage in the course work while following along with the instructor.

A Desire To Learn and Embrace Architecture

Learning architecture software should be a fun experience. You get to explore something that has endless possibilities!

Download the full course syllabus here

Let’s make something together.

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