what is to Come This Summer?

Today’s Topics: Last Few Assignments Summer Planning With Organizations Summer Internship Last Few Assignments I’ve finally made it to the last week of school. I will be so relieved by the end of this week that I have finished the last parts of my classes. I still have an exam to do, a research paperContinue reading “what is to Come This Summer?”

Diversity and Inclusion in Architecture School

Today’s Topics: Diversity in the Student Body How our Classes are Structured Change is Coming This article is meant to be informative of how our current situation is. Then provide insight on initiatives that we are working on as a school. Diversity in the Student Body When you think about architecture, what type of personContinue reading “Diversity and Inclusion in Architecture School”

Self-Teaching in Architecture School

Today’s Topics: How Much are Architecture Students Supposed to Learn on Their own? Passion and Desire What is Architecture School Supposed to Teach Students? How Much are Architecture Students Supposed to Learn on Their own? Going through architecture school I’ve come to the realization that if there is something that you are interested in, thenContinue reading “Self-Teaching in Architecture School”

How Difficult is Taking Extra Classes?

Today’s Topics How Many Courses Am I Taking? What Does a Weekend Look Like? How Difficult is it? How Many Courses Am I Taking? This semester I have signed up for 20 credit hours. At Virginia Tech in order to take an extra class you have to submit for a course overload request. If IContinue reading “How Difficult is Taking Extra Classes?”

How Fast Can A Project be Finished?

Today’s Topics: Total Time, or Total Days? AIA Architecture Competition Total Time, or Total Days How long does it take to come up with a design idea? Well that part is easy, you can be thinking about it in your head. It gets hard when you have to put your intentions on paper. When workingContinue reading “How Fast Can A Project be Finished?”

What I Miss Most About in-Person School

Today’s Topics: Studio Culture Clubs and Organizations Will it Ever be the Same? Studio Culture When I was in high school going on college tours to architecture schools, one thing that was universal across all campuses was that they all had some sort of unique culture in which students learn. I am very glad thatContinue reading “What I Miss Most About in-Person School”

A Future In Digital Fabrication

Today’s Topics: What is Digital Fabrication? Additive Manufacturing My Interests in Digital Fabrication What is Digital Fabrication? In this ever changing world, one of the biggest innovations and improvements in the 21st century is the way that we use technology. In architecture, the field has been one of the slowest of industries to evolve intoContinue reading “A Future In Digital Fabrication”

Winding Down The Semester

Today’s Topics: Thoughts on This Semester What is Left for This Semester What is Going to Happen Next Semester Thoughts On This Semester Being in school online has a much different feeling than being in person. At times it just seems like an endless cycle. Wake up, do school work, go to sleep. Wake up,Continue reading “Winding Down The Semester”

Learning Design Realism

Today’s Topics: Starting Out Adding More Detail Using Realistic Material Layers Starting Out One of the major things to learn in architecture school is pretty much how to design a building. But what is the baseline general knowledge that people come in with? There is usually a mix of skill levels ranging from not havingContinue reading “Learning Design Realism”

November 2nd Notes

Today’s Topics: Understanding of architecture Away from school External projects Understanding of Architecture As many of you already know, I have been designing and learning about architecture since I was a junior in high school. I have always been so eager to learn and explore the mystery of what architecture is and how architecture schoolContinue reading “November 2nd Notes”