How do you see shapes in art?

Today’s Topics: What do Shapes Mean? The Abstract Art of our Natural World Art is the Combination of Abstract and Shape What do Shapes Mean? One of the many childhood development processes that children go through is learning about shapes. We know what it’s like to see a baby with little wooden blocks trying toContinue reading “How do you see shapes in art?”

Why History of Architecture?

Today’s topics: Why is it important? My experience through Virginia Tech What history of architecture could mean for you The history of architecture is only a required course for architecture students, but it’s importance goes way beyond the classroom. Why is it Important? Learning the history of architecture is essential to understanding our built environmentContinue reading “Why History of Architecture?”

The start of Something Great

Today is the day! Join me as I start my journey as a new blogger! My goal is to reach out and be informative for students, parents, and professionals about architecture and what it means as a student. For my first post we will discuss my background, logic and reasons for making a blog. Today’sContinue reading “The start of Something Great”