My Fall 2020 Semester Wrap-Up

Today’s Topics: Recap Projects What this semester has meant for me Recap At the start of 2020, everything was normal. Then it all changed when I went home for spring break. First it was just an extra week off of school, but then it turned into packing up my things and moving off campus dueContinue reading “My Fall 2020 Semester Wrap-Up”

Design Through Iteration

Today’s Topics: What is This? Why do This? How Have I Done This? What is This? One of the biggest parts of starting to learn about architecture, is knowing that there is always something that you can improve. Iterative design is about completing your work in stages. Getting feedback about your work, hearing different opinionsContinue reading “Design Through Iteration”

What It’s Like to Learn Architecture

Today’s Topics: Architectural Knowledge Learning Architecture Software Time Management Architectural Knowledge Everyone comes in with a preconceived notion of what architecture is, and that can be a great thing. But there is always so much more to learn when in school. The art of designing a building is much more complex than just drawing 4Continue reading “What It’s Like to Learn Architecture”