The Architecture Inflection Point

Today’s Topics: Summer of contemplation, Realization, Refinement The Architecture of Technology Start of the Next Chapter Summer of Contemplation, Realization, and Refinement Being normal is the most depressing thing that can happen to me. For me to be happy, I have to go insane. At the start of this summer, I embarked on a completelyContinue reading “The Architecture Inflection Point”

End Of A Busy Semester

Today’s Topics: What Have I Been Up To Since I last Posted? Finishing Up The Last Few Assignments What’s Next What Have I Been Up To Since I Last Posted? It has been over a month since my last post as I have been spending every ounce of time working on my studio project. ItContinue reading “End Of A Busy Semester”

Studio Project Midterm Pin-up: ACSA Timber in the City Competition

Todays Topics: What Is The Project How Did The Pin-up Go? Is This My Future? What Is The Project This semester we have been doing the Timber in the City competition. We have been tasked with the challenge of designing a mid-rised mix-used building using mass Timber construction. The project is located in the heartContinue reading “Studio Project Midterm Pin-up: ACSA Timber in the City Competition”

Thinking Before Designing: Studio Project

Todays Topics: What is my Studio Project? Why am I Thinking so Much? What am I thinking About? What is my Studio Project? This semester for studio, we are doing the ACSA Timber in the City competition. A national competition with typically near 1000 applicants competing for a few rewards. We have to design aContinue reading “Thinking Before Designing: Studio Project”

Dreaming About The Future

This past week I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want to get out of architecture school, and the contribution I want to have with my career. I think about the challenges that my generation will have to face as we move into a time where we must worry about theContinue reading “Dreaming About The Future”

Explained: AIA Virginia Competition

Today’s Topics: What Was I Trying To Achieve? Community Spaces Reflection What Was I Trying To Achieve? For the AIA Virginia Competition, we were given a weekend to design a train station at a site in Christiansburg, VA. We were given a list of requirements, but I knew that if I was truly going toContinue reading “Explained: AIA Virginia Competition”

Semester Studio Project

Today’s Topics: Iterations Final Work Final Pin-Up Iterations It has become apparent that I only shared the first part of my architecture studio project with you. Overall with this project, it has gone through 4 major iterations that have drastically changed how I portray my ideas and how I represent them. I have developed myContinue reading “Semester Studio Project”

What is Architecture?

Year after year, a question I always come back to is “what is architecture?”. My favorite part of this question is how there is no right or wrong answer, and everyone always has a different answer. Subjectivity has been a dominant force of my education during my 3rd year of architecture school. It is trulyContinue reading “What is Architecture?”

The Good and the Great of This Semester so far

Today’s Topics: Why I Haven’t Posted in a While My Initial Thoughts Appreciation and Growth Why I Haven’t Posted in a While The last time I made a post to my blog was after my first pin-up this semester. Things were going well and I was progressing as I felt I should. Then things startedContinue reading “The Good and the Great of This Semester so far”