Traveling In Chicago

Today’s Topics: Morning Commute So far I’ve been in Chicago for a little over two weeks and am really enjoying my experience. I live in West Town Chicago and travel downtown everyday to get to work. My journey starts off with a short walk to get on the subway taking me into The Loop. InContinue reading “Traveling In Chicago”

What It’s Like to Learn Architecture

Today’s Topics: Architectural Knowledge Learning Architecture Software Time Management Architectural Knowledge Everyone comes in with a preconceived notion of what architecture is, and that can be a great thing. But there is always so much more to learn when in school. The art of designing a building is much more complex than just drawing 4Continue reading “What It’s Like to Learn Architecture”

Analyzing Famous Architecture Buildings 03: Beijing Daxing International Airport

Today’s Topics: Massive Scale, Massive Time Frame Envelope Concept Assembly Massive Scale, Massive Time Frame This major airport up to this point has yet to begin to reach its full capacity due to COVID-19, but this has not stopped it from becoming a modern marvel of the world. Funded by the Chinese government, this hasContinue reading “Analyzing Famous Architecture Buildings 03: Beijing Daxing International Airport”

Analyzing Famous Buildings: 02, 18 Robinson

Today’s Topics: Sustainability Restrictions Used to Suceed Irregular Site for an Irregular Building Design Awards Sustainability Restrictions Used to Succeed One of the most common things that you will start to see in new buildings is more designing for sustainability. 18 Robinson is no exception. One of the new requirements of buildings in Singapore meansContinue reading “Analyzing Famous Buildings: 02, 18 Robinson”

Analyzing Famous Buildings: 01 Walt Disney Concert Hall

This week we are starting a series on analyzing famous architecture buildings. Exploring beyond the surface and interacting with the thoughts and ideas that make such amazing designs. Today’s Topics The Beginning Designing from the inside out The Face of The City The Beginning This project was made in honor of Walt Disney and hisContinue reading “Analyzing Famous Buildings: 01 Walt Disney Concert Hall”