Semester Studio Project

Today’s Topics: Iterations Final Work Final Pin-Up Iterations It has become apparent that I only shared the first part of my architecture studio project with you. Overall with this project, it has gone through 4 major iterations that have drastically changed how I portray my ideas and how I represent them. I have developed myContinue reading “Semester Studio Project”

What is Architecture?

Year after year, a question I always come back to is “what is architecture?”. My favorite part of this question is how there is no right or wrong answer, and everyone always has a different answer. Subjectivity has been a dominant force of my education during my 3rd year of architecture school. It is trulyContinue reading “What is Architecture?”

The Good and the Great of This Semester so far

Today’s Topics: Why I Haven’t Posted in a While My Initial Thoughts Appreciation and Growth Why I Haven’t Posted in a While The last time I made a post to my blog was after my first pin-up this semester. Things were going well and I was progressing as I felt I should. Then things startedContinue reading “The Good and the Great of This Semester so far”

Architecture Studio Pin-Up No.1

Today’s Topics: What is the Project? The work that I’ve Done What’s Next? What is the Project? In architecture studio, we are working on a semester long project. This past Wednesday we had a big deadline where we had to show our progressed work. We used our sketches, and printed out our plans, among variousContinue reading “Architecture Studio Pin-Up No.1”

The Passion of Helping Young Students Learn to Love Architecture

Today’s Topics: Where did This Start for me? Why am I so Eager to Help Other Students? Is There an Age Limit for Learning Architecture? Where did This Start for me? I had an interest in architecture since I was a kid. One of the most memorable moments was learning about designing foe different climatesContinue reading “The Passion of Helping Young Students Learn to Love Architecture”

4 Weeks to Relax

Today’s Topics: Taking a Break Working on Skills Stress-Free Taking a Break Finally, I’ve started summer for good. It has been both a long and short semester. I can remember back to the first few days where I was just finishing up building my own desk and all the events in between. Now I canContinue reading “4 Weeks to Relax”

Self-Teaching in Architecture School

Today’s Topics: How Much are Architecture Students Supposed to Learn on Their own? Passion and Desire What is Architecture School Supposed to Teach Students? How Much are Architecture Students Supposed to Learn on Their own? Going through architecture school I’ve come to the realization that if there is something that you are interested in, thenContinue reading “Self-Teaching in Architecture School”

Scale of Design

Today’s Topics: Small Scale Large Scale Quality of Space Small Scale One of the most interesting things about designing is the space that you have to occupy. In architecture school, 9 times out of 10, your first few projects will be starting on a small scale. This gives you time to discover certain aspects ofContinue reading “Scale of Design”

Architecture 2021

Today’s Topics: School Internship Personal Projects School Happy new year’s to everyone! I wanted to start off this year by thinking about what all is planned to happen. Firstly and most important, is architecture school. I will be finishing up my second year of architecture and starting my third year. This past fall I setContinue reading “Architecture 2021”

Design Through Iteration

Today’s Topics: What is This? Why do This? How Have I Done This? What is This? One of the biggest parts of starting to learn about architecture, is knowing that there is always something that you can improve. Iterative design is about completing your work in stages. Getting feedback about your work, hearing different opinionsContinue reading “Design Through Iteration”