November 2nd Notes

Today’s Topics: Understanding of architecture Away from school External projects Understanding of Architecture As many of you already know, I have been designing and learning about architecture since I was a junior in high school. I have always been so eager to learn and explore the mystery of what architecture is and how architecture schoolContinue reading “November 2nd Notes”

1st Semester Midpoint: COVID-19 and Architecture School

Today’s Topics: Architecture Projects Time Management Zoom Fatigue Architecture Projects Over the summer, I was very excited to go back into architecture school and to start working on projects. One of my personal goals for this semester was to improve my design skills while incorporating a greater level of detail within my projects. I alsoContinue reading “1st Semester Midpoint: COVID-19 and Architecture School”

Flipping To a New Page. First Week of School

I’m going back to school, check out my summer recap, and the classes I’m taking, and the extracurricular I will be part of!