End Of A Busy Semester

Today’s Topics: What Have I Been Up To Since I last Posted? Finishing Up The Last Few Assignments What’s Next What Have I Been Up To Since I Last Posted? It has been over a month since my last post as I have been spending every ounce of time working on my studio project. ItContinue reading “End Of A Busy Semester”

Studio Project Midterm Pin-up: ACSA Timber in the City Competition

Todays Topics: What Is The Project How Did The Pin-up Go? Is This My Future? What Is The Project This semester we have been doing the Timber in the City competition. We have been tasked with the challenge of designing a mid-rised mix-used building using mass Timber construction. The project is located in the heartContinue reading “Studio Project Midterm Pin-up: ACSA Timber in the City Competition”

Thinking Before Designing: Studio Project

Todays Topics: What is my Studio Project? Why am I Thinking so Much? What am I thinking About? What is my Studio Project? This semester for studio, we are doing the ACSA Timber in the City competition. A national competition with typically near 1000 applicants competing for a few rewards. We have to design aContinue reading “Thinking Before Designing: Studio Project”

Dreaming About The Future

This past week I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I want to get out of architecture school, and the contribution I want to have with my career. I think about the challenges that my generation will have to face as we move into a time where we must worry about theContinue reading “Dreaming About The Future”

Explained: AIA Virginia Competition

Today’s Topics: What Was I Trying To Achieve? Community Spaces Reflection What Was I Trying To Achieve? For the AIA Virginia Competition, we were given a weekend to design a train station at a site in Christiansburg, VA. We were given a list of requirements, but I knew that if I was truly going toContinue reading “Explained: AIA Virginia Competition”

Semester Studio Project

Today’s Topics: Iterations Final Work Final Pin-Up Iterations It has become apparent that I only shared the first part of my architecture studio project with you. Overall with this project, it has gone through 4 major iterations that have drastically changed how I portray my ideas and how I represent them. I have developed myContinue reading “Semester Studio Project”

The Good and the Great of This Semester so far

Today’s Topics: Why I Haven’t Posted in a While My Initial Thoughts Appreciation and Growth Why I Haven’t Posted in a While The last time I made a post to my blog was after my first pin-up this semester. Things were going well and I was progressing as I felt I should. Then things startedContinue reading “The Good and the Great of This Semester so far”

Architecture Studio Pin-Up No.1

Today’s Topics: What is the Project? The work that I’ve Done What’s Next? What is the Project? In architecture studio, we are working on a semester long project. This past Wednesday we had a big deadline where we had to show our progressed work. We used our sketches, and printed out our plans, among variousContinue reading “Architecture Studio Pin-Up No.1”

CAUSfest 2021

Today’s Topics: Busy Summer What is CAUSfest? Student Organizations What is CAUSfest? Does CAUSfest ring any bells, or mean anything specific to you? I imagine that it does not because this is a relatively new event for the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech. CAUSfest is a recruitment event for student organizationsContinue reading “CAUSfest 2021”

Back To Campus Since Over A Year

Today’s Topics: The Start The Drive Moving In The Start We ran into a close call in the morning, as we needed to rent a truck to carry couches, my bed, and desks. We chose to go with a Home Depot truck and to start off, we wanted to leave as early as possible. WhichContinue reading “Back To Campus Since Over A Year”