Studio Project Midterm Pin-up: ACSA Timber in the City Competition

Todays Topics: What Is The Project How Did The Pin-up Go? Is This My Future? What Is The Project This semester we have been doing the Timber in the City competition. We have been tasked with the challenge of designing a mid-rised mix-used building using mass Timber construction. The project is located in the heartContinue reading “Studio Project Midterm Pin-up: ACSA Timber in the City Competition”

On The Path To Licensure

Today’s Topics: Officially Started All 3 Parts To Becoming Licensed AXP Hours Finishing Education, And Studying For Exams Officially Started All 3 Parts To Becoming Licensed Just 2 years ago I was an outsider looking into the world of architecture in awe. I remember thinking to myself “wow I will learn and do so muchContinue reading “On The Path To Licensure”

Summer Internship Day 1

Today’s Topics: How I Got Here Why Quinn Evans? Goals and Aspirations How I got Here What did I do to get here? Well, this story dates all the way back to high school. My first involvement with architecture. I found a passion for the work I was able to do, and I pursued everyContinue reading “Summer Internship Day 1”

Finals Week

Today’s Topics: The Last Push The Last Push Finals Vs. Final Project What Next? The Last Push I’ve finally made it down to the last week of school. This semester has felt both extremely long, and also has gone by extremely fast. By the end of this week I will have finished a full yearContinue reading “Finals Week”

Diversity and Inclusion in Architecture School

Today’s Topics: Diversity in the Student Body How our Classes are Structured Change is Coming This article is meant to be informative of how our current situation is. Then provide insight on initiatives that we are working on as a school. Diversity in the Student Body When you think about architecture, what type of personContinue reading “Diversity and Inclusion in Architecture School”

How Difficult is Taking Extra Classes?

Today’s Topics How Many Courses Am I Taking? What Does a Weekend Look Like? How Difficult is it? How Many Courses Am I Taking? This semester I have signed up for 20 credit hours. At Virginia Tech in order to take an extra class you have to submit for a course overload request. If IContinue reading “How Difficult is Taking Extra Classes?”

How Fast Can A Project be Finished?

Today’s Topics: Total Time, or Total Days? AIA Architecture Competition Total Time, or Total Days How long does it take to come up with a design idea? Well that part is easy, you can be thinking about it in your head. It gets hard when you have to put your intentions on paper. When workingContinue reading “How Fast Can A Project be Finished?”

Beginning Spring 2021 Semester

Today’s Topics: Schedule Mix-Ups Large Course Load What I’m looking Forward to Most Schedule Mix-Ups This semester is definitely one that is different from past semesters that I’ve had. The type of classes that I’m taking has started to change dramatically and I am really getting into the bulk of studying architecture. These courses areContinue reading “Beginning Spring 2021 Semester”

DIY Project Notes and Tips

Today’s Topics: Budget Tools Available Time Budget Have you ever tried doing a DIY project before? Well one thing you must know is that it all works best when you plan out what all you need to get. Sometimes overspending can occur because you buy way too much material, or maybe you don’t buy enoughContinue reading “DIY Project Notes and Tips”

Architecture 2021

Today’s Topics: School Internship Personal Projects School Happy new year’s to everyone! I wanted to start off this year by thinking about what all is planned to happen. Firstly and most important, is architecture school. I will be finishing up my second year of architecture and starting my third year. This past fall I setContinue reading “Architecture 2021”