Architecture Studio Pin-Up No.1

Today’s Topics:

  • What is the Project?
  • The work that I’ve Done
  • What’s Next?

What is the Project?

In architecture studio, we are working on a semester long project. This past Wednesday we had a big deadline where we had to show our progressed work. We used our sketches, and printed out our plans, among various other things.

Virginia Tech has a master plan for the campus in Blacksburg that relays information about how the campus is proposed to look in the future.

One aspect of this plan is switching the architecture school with the student center. This plays a role in creating an art and architecture district among the campus,

Our project is to design a new architecture school for that space. We have to work with the constraints of the site and elevation to create an understanding with how the building works.

The Work That I’ve Done

Much different than my typical way of working, I have been sketching much more. It has been really engaging for me to form ideas and concepts for my projects.

Overall I have 4 concepts driving my project. They all work to influence each other through the form of the building, the programmatic spaces that are created, and even how I think about energy optimization.

These connections created a space that defines a pedestrian walkway and plaza. it converges two major roads creating a central entrance.

The idea of the space is to bring a level of importance around spaces that students work. That is studio space and the labs. Both places where students use tools as a way to influence their work.

What is Next?

This article is actually about a week late, so I have had plenty of time to work since this pin up.

Over the course of this past week, I realized that my project was mainly defined by the outdoor experience rather than how I want you to experience the building itself.

I have started to refine my building focus on the display of work. This new space is defined by the process in which architecture students do work.

It is an inverse function where you enter and you experience how projects work from the end to the.

As you move through the building you are able to see projects in a chronological order based on which stage they are in.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post, I hope you enjoyed the project. Feel free to leave any comments or critiques. As always, Dream Big!

Published by Alonzo Colon

Architecture Student at Virginia Tech

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