Tensegrity Structure

Today’s Topics: What is Tensegrity? What am I Doing? Problem Solving What is Tensegrity? Tensegrity. A pretty uncommon word right? Don’t worry, I didn’t know what it was until a week into my research. Tensegrity is the idea that you can support 2 solid objects by only connecting them with string. It’s a daunting task,Continue reading “Tensegrity Structure”

My Fall 2020 Semester Wrap-Up

Today’s Topics: Recap Projects What this semester has meant for me Recap At the start of 2020, everything was normal. Then it all changed when I went home for spring break. First it was just an extra week off of school, but then it turned into packing up my things and moving off campus dueContinue reading “My Fall 2020 Semester Wrap-Up”

A Future In Digital Fabrication

Today’s Topics: What is Digital Fabrication? Additive Manufacturing My Interests in Digital Fabrication What is Digital Fabrication? In this ever changing world, one of the biggest innovations and improvements in the 21st century is the way that we use technology. In architecture, the field has been one of the slowest of industries to evolve intoContinue reading “A Future In Digital Fabrication”

Learning Design Realism

Today’s Topics: Starting Out Adding More Detail Using Realistic Material Layers Starting Out One of the major things to learn in architecture school is pretty much how to design a building. But what is the baseline general knowledge that people come in with? There is usually a mix of skill levels ranging from not havingContinue reading “Learning Design Realism”

Is Designing a Building Simple?

Today’s Topics: Just a Box Knowing What Goes in a Building Depth of Design Thinking Just a Box When you come to think about it. We spend our lives in nicely wrapped boxes. Buildings enclosed by 4 walls, a floor, and a roof. The most essential parts of any room. We wake up in aContinue reading “Is Designing a Building Simple?”

1st Semester Midpoint: COVID-19 and Architecture School

Today’s Topics: Architecture Projects Time Management Zoom Fatigue Architecture Projects Over the summer, I was very excited to go back into architecture school and to start working on projects. One of my personal goals for this semester was to improve my design skills while incorporating a greater level of detail within my projects. I alsoContinue reading “1st Semester Midpoint: COVID-19 and Architecture School”

Site Location Forming Design Decisions

Today’s Topics: The importance of a site Visitor Station/Overlook Project Designing More Than Just a Building Watch this YouTube video showing how I effectively chose a design for my national forest site. The Importance of a Site Architecture always begins with a site. With a site, there are many different aspects that can effect theContinue reading “Site Location Forming Design Decisions”

Analyzing Famous Architecture Buildings 03: Beijing Daxing International Airport

Today’s Topics: Massive Scale, Massive Time Frame Envelope Concept Assembly Massive Scale, Massive Time Frame This major airport up to this point has yet to begin to reach its full capacity due to COVID-19, but this has not stopped it from becoming a modern marvel of the world. Funded by the Chinese government, this hasContinue reading “Analyzing Famous Architecture Buildings 03: Beijing Daxing International Airport”

Analyzing Famous Buildings: 01 Walt Disney Concert Hall

This week we are starting a series on analyzing famous architecture buildings. Exploring beyond the surface and interacting with the thoughts and ideas that make such amazing designs. Today’s Topics The Beginning Designing from the inside out The Face of The City The Beginning This project was made in honor of Walt Disney and hisContinue reading “Analyzing Famous Buildings: 01 Walt Disney Concert Hall”